Thursday, May 22, 2008


Yes, we finally reached it. 4,000,123 official downloads (at least). It was a good time, and it was fun time to watch its progress.

This number comprises of downloads of only ScummVM binaries from servers. It it is 8.9 TB worth of data since October 2001. Wow, I hardly imagine who could host that for us for free besides SourceForge. That is a definitely great service.

If you talk about all ScummVM downloads from, including game data and cutscene packs, the figures are a bit more scary and that is 5.3 millions and whopping 61.7 TB. Unbelievable. This truly shows that ScummVM is one of the most successful open source projects in the world.

I hope that downloads will continue increasing, especially as we add more supported platforms and yet more supported games. Keep downloading!


James Woodcock said...

Great statistics indeed!!! May ScummVM go on for many years to come with yet more supported games and features.

James Woodcock said...

Above comment was James Woodcock by the way _sev :)