Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Discworld: End of game

Here it is. It was made just yesterday with current code base. Libcoro was so non-portable, that it did not work well even under Windows. Now when it's gone, we're portable enough, so we expect it to work across all ports.


Anonymous said...

VERY cool news indeed. Bit odd about that libcoro, it claims to be portable on it's website. Very very cool! Any ETA on a beta wihcih is there for us to download? Will it work in the nightlies?

Eugene Sandulenko said...

No ETA, but it will be _very_ soon. And I suppose that it may be turned on pretty soon in the daily build, however, it is not yet ready for the release.

Fingolfin said...

Actually, libcoro is not that bad (there was a reason we used it, after all). It is not perfect, but it tries to solve a very hard problem. Namely the real problem here: That the tinsel code relied heavily on setjmp/longjmp (albeit in a very clean and natural way), which are highly unportable functions. Anyway, this is history :)