Thursday, May 1, 2008


"Never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game."

How laughable are these words when you look at this auction.

Yes, it is FM-TOWNS version of Zak McKracken, a game which originates from same folks whom I quoted above. And this game is being offered "just" for 599 EUR. With today's rates it goes as much as $932 USD. What amazes me even more is that shipping for this piece of art is not free, neither there is an insurance offered as a default option.

All of this is sad. Only couple of folks in ScummVM team own this game, and moreover, one of the owners is not active anymore. This makes even more difficult to squish bugs in this particular version of the game, and most of the work will go blind. Of course, we ourselves could be somewhat blamed for these rocket high prices, as this is basically the support by ScummVM what makes this item so popular on eBay.

So, never pay a grand for a computer game.

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GloKidd said...

Yeah that auction is ridiculous, lonely-george tends to like to gauge people on the prices for these titles :( I only hope that nobody is foolish enough to buy it from him as that would only serve to further falsly-inflate the price of this particular fm-towns title. In terms of rarity MI2 Fm-towns is far more difficult to find, yet at auction it will generally top out at 300-400 US.
When i first saw this listing i was tempted to list all my FM-Towns title at ridiculous, no-one-in-their-right-mind-would-ever-pay-that-much-for-a-game prices but thought better of it as most likely there would be someone with more money than smarts who would buy it and then the rest of the sellers would assume that thats the price they go for :( I honestly couldnt agree with you more, and completely discourage any and all from buying this copy as it would only serve to justify the ridiculous price to further vintage game re-sellers.

Long comment aside, its really cool that your doing a blog now Sev :) i look forward to reading all about your adventures with ScummVM :)