Sunday, April 20, 2008

We came out from the deep

Today, after 802 internal commits we finally went public with M4 engine. In fact, our team did not want to go public until some viable results were achieved.

The M4 engine is used for Riddle of Master Lu and Orion Burger games. Also historically it evolved from MADS engine which was used for at least three more games. Currently scripts work, although there are many missing opcodes; animation, graphics, sound get decoded. Intro could be enabled at compile time. Menus, conversation and text rendering are all covered. The progress on the engine is pretty rapid, though now the bottleneck is johndoe with his script data extractor.

As a bonus today was also committed another engine, the smallest one up to date. That is called M.A.D.S. and it was used for Return to Zork and couple of other less known games. Johndoe REd is as a side excercise and it is in almost complete state.

Today was a significant day in ScummVM history.

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