Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Disco Music

I think you're aware of James Woodcock's Music Enhancement Project. James was applying his talent to rearranging music for several titles supported by ScummVM.

One of his projects included complete soundtrack for Discworld.

During last several weeks he renewed his work on this project, and finally there are noticeable results. This is a huge step forward in the game atmosphere (though some may complain about not being faithful to origial), and I expect that many of our users will choose play this marvelous classic on new highs of audio experience.

James recorded a sneak peak preview of the soundtrack in action which you may see in the attached video.

The work performed is huge. It is over 100 minutes of music significantly rearranged and recorded on a modern Yamaha-branded sound equipment. It took almost 2 years for him to work over all 107 tracks. Besides, the work has been blessed by Terry himself, so this is going to be first sound pack officially supported by ScummVM and distributed from our site.

You will be able to play any version of the game with this new sound track, it will be just matter of extracting the archive into the game directory. Of course, original untouched MIDI music will be still present for those seeking true nostalgia (Who may also prefer to play fullscreen with 320x200 resolution:) ).

Stay tuned!

And now is the promised video:

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