Saturday, January 17, 2009

The oldest public ScummVM screenshot (probably)

In the last years ScummVM became one of the most known open source projects. But it was not always like this.

Today eriktorbjorn stumbled upon the very first mention of ScummVM on Slashdot. What is amazing about this that some comments have links to screenshots posted, and one of them is still alive! I'm attaching the mentioned screenshot, as the server which hosts the original is quite slow. The screenshot is dated Sun, 04 Nov 2001 07:44:03 GMT which was "2nd pre-alpha release," or 0.0.2. It was after 45 commits to public CVS!

Of course, it was not just the beginning of the development, as with his first commit Ludde submitted an already semi-working engine, still you may see this piece of our project history.

At the time ScummVM consisted of 13,658 SLOC (physical source lines of code) and was able to run 6 games, including monkey1, monkey2, indy4, indy4 demo, DOTT and Sam&Max. Compare it with today's 663,214 SLOC, and I am not ready to tell how many games we do support :).

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timofonic said...

I did the estimate some weeks ago and it seems ScummVM now supports more than 100 different games.

Of course not including engine variants and versions of the same game for different platforms or media, WIP stuff not being counted too.

I think this is an amazing work, even more considering the ScummVM project didn't have those goals but only to support little more than Lucas Arts and two Adventure Soft games (aka SimonVM).