Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Ultimate AGI Specification

As you perhaps know, for last 1.5 years ScummVM serves as an Ultimate AGI engine, especially since Kari Salminen aka Buddha^ joined us first as a GSoC member and then as a full-blown developer.

To the date ScummVM covered more AGI games than any other open AGI interpreter. The missings are AGI0, AGI1, AGI2.01 games as well as Tandy CoCo3 conversions.

Though there was a thing which bothered me for quite time, that is the fact that famous AGI Specifications is not fully converted on our Wiki. Important sections were missing, and not all existing text was in a good shape. So, finally I got some time and completed the project.

Now you may go and explore it on our Wiki. The big help for me was a wonderful online HTML to Wiki Converter - tables tool written by Borislav Manolov. I highly recommend it.

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